Why Choose Us

We relieve you of worries related to the purchase of goods from Asia and Africa Supplier. We provides total solution for import and export of products from Asia and Africa.

We know that the majority of buyers desire to get the goods directly from Asia & Africa supplier certainly raise questions about how to make profitable, fast business without the risk of losing money. The main obstacles that you may face while buying from Asia and Africa:


SS IMEX provides warehousing facility and inventory management services to the client. For this purpose, SS IMEX has more than 25000 sqft of fully equipped warehouses across the globe.

Logistics is the management of the flow of resources between the point of consumption from the point of delivery. SS IMEX provides inbound Logistics (arranging the inbound movement of materials, parts, and/or finished inventory from suppliers to warehouses) as well as outbound logistics (process related to the storage and movement of the final product and the related information flows from the end of the production line to the Importer/Buyer.) Freight booking, co-ordination with the liner, insurance etc is also handled by SS IMEX on behalf of you.

Custom clearance is a procedure that involves the "clearing" of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters. This involves preparation of the documents and/or electronic submissions, calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excise and facilitating communication between government authorities. We actively provides these services to our clients.

Custom clearance is a procedure that involves the "clearing" of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters. This involves preparation of the documents and/or electronic submissions, calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excise and facilitating communication between government authorities. We actively provides these services to our clients.

Our Process

Sometimes People wants to know how we do



Whether you wish to contact factories in Asia and Africa or you need our help to source products for your giving accurate and detailed information will make all the difference to a best end product. Let us know what products you need - we'll help sourcing and negotiating as per your specifications or requirements. Send us the complete details of your requirement like


Post an enquiry on a product by a customer, the first step is to check for the feasibility of import or export of that product from India and to the importing country. The checks are done on whether the product is allowed to be exported from and to be imported to the desired country or not. It is also ascertained whether there are any anti-dumping laws or any other rules and regulations of the land that do not permit the product from being exported from Asia and Africa to the desired country. Lastly the duty structure is calculated to make sure the financial viability of trade of the product between the exporting and importing country.


Since 2006 we have been sourcing products from Asia and Africa for our growing list of clients, building up a wide range of contacts and nurturing strong relationships with factories - having years of excellent experience in sourcing standard as well as unusual or new products.

WHY CHOOSE US for sourcing?

We are experts in sourcing products from Asia and Africa; we source, inspect, and ship directly to you. So whether or not this is your first product sourced from India , or if you simply need an expert to make your business easier by handling everything for you, ssimex is a safe pair of hands to help you secure your product. We find it at the right price, from reliable Indian & Chinese factories and have it delivered to you in your country

  • We don't charge for sourcing
  • We don't collect hidden commission from the source
  • We are experienced
  • We find the best factory to manufacture your specific product
  • We minimise the risk out of buying abroad

If you just want the credibility report of the factory or the supplier, we would charge a nominal fee of US $200 per credibility audit Report.

If you want to procure goods from any Indian or Chinese seller or you have your own choice of seller then all you need to do is to send us the on-line link of the product or seller's website.

Our Team will source suitable supplier/factory with verified legitimacy. We will provide you landing quote which includes ALL the costs to get the goods delivered at your door.

Whether it is buying from our known supplier or a new we make complete arrangements for your visit. From airport pick-up to booking hotel, fixing up the appointment to meet key managers/owners of factories, we do everything.

Making visits to factories require advance planning to save your cost you time. Just send us the list of factories you intend to visit. We shall do the homework. Right research and background check will help you to decide on which factories to visit. We shall let you know the major parameters that will help you plan your visit.

(Check out our Company Verification Tips )

We will ensure you would:

  • See maximum factories in shortest period of time.
  • All travel arrangements and proper itinerary.
  • We will provide you purchase manager to accompany you for negotiations and translator.
  • We will make you visit International Trade Fairs and major markets for better sourcing experience.

Once you are satisfied enough to order:

  • We will help you in advance or/ final payment to the supplier
  • Complete the Sales Contract

Just few emails, instant messenger commitments or discussions about the product, or requirements are absolutely NOT enough. You need to get a written, stamped document from a factory manager/owner stating exactly what you both agree to. Don't just get the Sales person to sign off the contract.

Practically speaking, PI is too simple to protect your rights, you need to write a Sales Contract As per Contract law of People's Republic of Asia and Africa, and a contract shall contain the following clauses:

  1. Title or name and domicile of the parties;
  2. Contract object;
  3. Quantity;
  4. Quality;
  5. Price Or Remuneration;
  6. Time limit, place and method of performance;
  7. Liability for breach of contract; and
  8. Methods to settle disputes.


  1. Title or name and domicile of the parties:Make sure the company name, domicile, contact information mentioned on contract are correct. Refer to the supplier's registration form of foreign trade dealers for getting correct name and address
  2. Contract object, quantity and quality clauses:Using full product description will help avoid any confusion with the supplier so we can make sure the same is delivered. It is important to add a Quality Clause and use the detailed specification to define the product clearly.
  3. Price or remuneration:Due to rapid change is exchange rate of RMB against USD negotiating price and contract is more complex. The currency exchange rate should be based on the currency exchange rate chart provided by Bank of China (BOC).
  4. Time limit, place and method of performance:Giving a specific delivery time, Loading port in case of FOB price, destination of delivery on contract. For LCL or FCL please make sure delivery and packing standards are mentioned.
  5. Liability for breach of contract:Set a clear liability for breach of contract. Have a close look at the chapter of Liability for breach of contracts in Contract Law of People's Republic of China; don't make your clauses null and void by ignoring the provisions on the contract law.

Few import considerations:

All/Any payment to the factory must only be made once the quality control (QC) standards you have set.

These QC standards must be detailed in the contract and should be signed, stamped and agreed upon by a decision maker. The contract is of no value, unless the right person signs the contract.

Never change your contract once it has been made. This says to the supplier - I'm willing to accept lower quality. It's a slippery slope to follow.

A well written contract is an absolute necessity. It offers you a strong bargaining position and holds the factory accountable to the standards you have set.

The product source has been selected, terms have been laid out but who ensures whether the same product is delivered and whether or not the same quality is maintained. SS IMEX does it for you. At this stage we ensure that the product is made exactly as per the quality benchmarks set initially and that the customizations have done flawlessly. Our expert team supervises the production and random visits are planned at all stages of production to ensure desired quality and customization levels on behalf of the client.


We check everything that is important enough to being checked.

In practical terms, few factories want to risk their items being rejected, so we do three things-

  1. We ask you what is important, and if poor quality were to show up, we know where that can happen and we include that in our list at the time of inspection.
  2. As factory is aware that we are going to inspect at any time , so they pay attention to maintain specification of your goods.
  3. We might inspect, get a sample from the batch flown over, and test anything with them. Whatever is feasible so that in the end we get desired production.


The agreement is done on the basis of sample and specification. If in case of an unlikely event the product is different to that, then we work to resolve the problem. Be it replacement goods, correction of the product, reduction in price. We chalk out the most practical and acceptable solution for both the parties. Business is relationship, and almost all of our clients are after repeat orders, so they risk losing a valued customer. We never walk away. This is a major benefit of dealing with us.

In land logistics case multiple products are being sourced or same product is being sourced from different factories or the product is being sourced in batches, SS IMEX provides Product Consolidation facility and inventory management services to the client. For this purpose, shipping your goods to your destination is so important that you do not want to face any delays. We would not only source the fastest shipping company but also get the lowest possible fare. Our balanced approach not only helps you save time but also save money on shipping costs and other hidden costs.

After all the necessary formalities, we have tie-ups with local trucking company who would carry our goods in container to the shipping yard for getting shipped through Indian & Chinese ports.

As soon as the space is booked in the Ship for your consignment we keep regular track of your container.

The container number and other codes of reference along with the details of shipping lines and website addresses shall be provided to you so that you could track down the course of your goods off-shore (land) and on-shore (sea).The same shall be applicable for air shipment.

Custom clearance is a procedure that involves the "clearing" of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters. This involves preparation of the documents and/or electronic submissions, calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excise and facilitating communication between government authorities. SS IMEX actively provides these services to its clients.

export CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN Asia and Africa

All goods exported from India must be cleared through Customs.

We know what are the rules and formalities and we take complete responsibility of getting your products customs checked. We have professional team in arranging customs clearance and inspection for different types of shipments. We make one suitable customs clearance schedule for customer according to product characteristics; and make sure the shipments are released the first time.

import CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN INDIA & our associate country


All goods imported into India & our associate country has to pass through the procedure of customs for proper examination, appraisal, assessment and evaluation. This helps the custom authorities to charge the proper tax and also check the goods against the illegal import.

Our professional team will take care of import customs clearance

  • HSN classification,
  • Rate of duty,
  • Processing the customs clearance,
  • Assessment,
  • Completion of appraisement and examination of various procedures and payments,
  • Customs examination and obtaining customs out of charge and arranging dispatch,
  • Delivery to the destination.

Set of documents for customs clearance in Non-EDI system:

  • Signed invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading or Delivery Order/Airway Bill
  • GATT declaration form duly filled in
  • Importers/ CHA's declaration
  • License wherever necessary
  • Letter of Credit/Bank Draft/wherever necessary
  • Insurance document
  • Import license
  • Industrial License, if required
  • Test report in case of chemicals
  • Adhoc exemption order
  • DEEC Book/DEPB in original
  • Catalogue, Technical write up, Literature in case of machineries, spares or chemicals as may be applicable
  • Separately split up value of spares, components machineries
  • Certificate of origin, if preferential rate of duty is claimed
  • No commission declaration

About us

SS IMEX Pvt. Ltd. was incepted in the year 2006 in Indore as an import export company in india with the aim of offering the most effective and reliable export import services across the globe. SS IMEX is a part of the Indore based SS GROUP which also has interests in Real Estate and E-Commerce.
The company has earned the trust of numerous clients and has grown from strength to strength. Today, the company has a dedicated team of experts who work in unison to create an unparalleled customer experience and ensure quality service delivery to all the clients. With a history of high standards of reliability and safety, SS IMEX has been instrumental in undertaking and executing client orders from across the Globe.
Apart from the India offices, the company has two offices in China, one in Guangzhou and the other at Yiwu and one office in Dubai.

We’re comfortable being the geniuses behind the scenes

We have carefully cultivated a small team of gifted and diverse individuals, all of whom are industry superstars. By being extremely selective about our hires, we are able to invest a substantial amount of resources to attract and retain top performers.

Work Philosophy

We works on the virtues of client contentment. We values the time and money of our clients and thus strives to provide them with best services and a quick turnaround. Top priority is given to the interests and requirements of the clients, also taking in to account their needs in terms of purchasing, packaging, protection of goods, legal documentation and custom clearance.

We believes that to render efficient services to the clients, each order has to be strategically planned and stringently implemented. We evaluates each aspect of the process in detail and assures customized and safe business to our clients, leaving them contended.


To become a successful and diversified global group through a process of continuous improvement and development. To be trusted and admired by our customers and respected by the industry.

  • “We have been very impressed with your promptness and responsiveness. We wholeheartedly recommended you as a one of the best import export service provider.”

    Viny Raj Modi

    Balaji Infrastructure

  • “Initially I was very confused as this was first time when I was availing services like this. But SS IMEX made it very simpler for me. From Sourcing and negotiating to quality control and clearance, things were timely done. Quality of the goods were impressive. Overall It was nice experience of working with you. You have great future ahead ! ”

    Manish Mundra

  • “I would like to say that SS IMEX and their staff have been extremely helpful in setting up our business. I want to recommend them to everyone.”

    Sanjay Jain

    Prepaid Marketing



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